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Bay Area Home Buying GuideThe Bay Area Home Buying Guide is a free, 64-page e-book that helps home buyers make well-informed decisions.

Do you have questions about buying a house in the Bay Area? Questions about the home buying process, mortgage loans, or the current state of the real estate market?

You’ve come to the right place. The 2017 Bay Area Home Buying Guide offers answers to many of these questions. And you can download it in PDF format for free!

The Home Buying Process, Start to Finish

Following the market update, this book offers more than 60 pages of guidance and insight for Bay Area buyers. It explains every aspect of the home buying process, from the initial planning stages all the way through to the final closing.

You’ll learn how to choose the right type of mortgage loan, how to shop for a home, how to make a smart offer based on current market trends, and much more. You won’t find another e-book like this anywhere else — and you can download it today for free.

Part of a Broader Educational Campaign

Bridgepoint Funding takes consumer education seriously. That’s why we created the Bay Area Home Buying Guide. But the e-book is just one part of a broader educational campaign we are conducting.

We also publish in-depth housing market reports and mortgage news every week, to help you stay up to speed on local real estate conditions. You’ll find our most recent articles on our main blog page.

Share This Book With Your Readers

This book has been created as a free resource for Bay Area home buyers. It may be redistributed under the licensing guidelines mentioned below.

Basic usage and sharing guidelines:

  • You may download this e-book for your own individual use.
  • You can also share it with others via the internet.
  • You can offer it on your website if you include a citation hyperlink to

Real Estate Professionals: Share It With Your Readers

Are you a Bay Area real estate professional? If so, we encourage you to share this e-book with your readers as a valuable, but free, resource. You can offer this book to your website / blog visitors, as long as you include a citation and hyperlink to the Bridgepoint Funding website ( Please do not edit the book in any way.

Sample citation: “The Bay Area Home Buying Guide was provided by Bridgepoint Funding.”

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Copyright 2017, Bridgepoint Funding. Some rights reserved.

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