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  • How Much Equity Do You Have in Your Home?
    Mike Trejo
    We all understand that homeownership means that we own our home in partnership with the mortgage lender. Until the mortgage is paid off, the part that you truly own or can lay claim to is the equity that you have built up. The equity in your home is the value
  • How Do Mortgage Lenders Verify Employment?
    Mike Trejo
    One of the requirements for obtaining a mortgage is to prove that you are employed (or self-employed), and moreover, that you have been the past two years at a minimum. You do not need to be in one job that entire time, nor even at a single company. But you
  • Should You Refinance Your Mortgage in 2020?
    Mike Trejo
    At some point in your home ownership, you may be tempted to refinance your mortgage, especially if interest rates are lower than they were when you originally took your mortgage or if you think your home has gained equity. Refinancing is very similar to applying for your initial mortgage. Because
  • Are There Mortgages Out There For Fixer-Uppers?
    Mike Trejo
    With the popularity of HGTV and all those fixer-upper shows, it can be tempting to embark on buying one for yourself or doing a renovation to your own home. But the reality is, for buying a fixer-upper, you may still need mortgage financing. Buying a Fixer-Upper Many buyers see the
  • California Conventional Loan Limits Raised in 2020
    Mike Trejo
    If you want to buy a home in California with a conventional mortgage, you will be pleased to learn that the conforming loan limits for 2020 throughout the state are higher than they were in 2019. Walnut Creek is in Contra Costa County. These were the conforming loan limits in
  • Things to Do (And Not to Do) Before Applying for a Mortgage
    Mike Trejo
    If you’re in the market for a home in Walnut Creek or anywhere in California, you are probably looking at applying for a mortgage. What many home buyers don’t realize as they are getting caught up in the excitement of a new home is the things they do before the

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